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Sandy R. Training
I put our puppy in obedience classes this summer and we learned a lot about each other. Our experience in class has led me to also board him with them when we are out of town and bring him to daycare. They truly have a special way with dogs and I recommend them to everyone who needs that extra support with their pet. You won’t be disappointed! – Sandy and Hutch
Michelle D. Training
I was at a loss when it came to my dog Jersey. She had developed dog reactivity and I didn’t know how to deal with it. I had a chance meeting with Sarah, and we got to talking. We decided that I needed some private lessons. Sarah helped us so much and taught us about how we needed to lessen Jersey reactions to other dogs. She used positive training methods, and taught us about clicker training. Sarah reassured us that Jersey wasn’t aggressive towards other dogs, but she was unsure and lacked confidence. We are working slowly towards building up her confidence and she is doing so much better. I know that we still have a long way to go, but Sarah makes me feel confident in myself and in my dog. She is awesome.
Paul Products
WOW! If you have a dog who constantly yanks,pulls,leaps and dislocates your shoulder while on a walk,this is probably due to the type of harness or collar your using. My dog is a bear dog X,they are notorius for being hard to leash. So I switched to a new style harness the Sarah stocks at barks.Sarah is offering 20% off this new harness if you give up your choke chain to her. The new harness has a ring in the chest area,and very simple to put on your dog. The difference is amazing!!! No more pulling as the ring is at your dogs centre of gravity,offerring you firm and easy control. I can now walk my dog with one hand! My shoulders thank you Sarah! If you have a dog that makes walks very unpleasant by constant pulling yanking and leaping about,this harness is for you!

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  1. Meeting Sarah through dog training workshops has provided an avenue for education which far surpasses my expectations. She gives selflessly of her time, shares knowledge and techniques, is clearly professional in business practices and builds timeless relationships with her clients.
    Sarah has been my mentor, my friend, and has my utmost respect as a dog trainer. If you choose to shadow with her you will not be disappointed.


    January 13, 2016

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