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2011-02-16 – Dyson Groom Product Test

2011-02-16 – Dyson Groom Product Test

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Dyson Groom Product Test

Barks and Recreation in Trail BC had the privilege of getting to try out a new attachment for Dyson vacuums, The Dyson Groom. This handy brush allows you to groom out a bunch of your dog’s fur without a lot of effort. Everything that gets brushed quickly gets sucked into the Dyson and not on your furniture or in your house. As long as your dog is not scared of the noise that the vacuum makes, you and your dog will love it. There were a few small things we would like to see with this attachment to make it even better. One suggestion would be to allow the attachment to connect to a hose instead of attaching to the solid wand. This would make it much easier to maneuver and brush the different areas of the dog instead of having to re-adjust for the extra two feet that does not bend easily. It also would be easier on the hands if the brush was always in the extended position and then a button/lock press would allow the suction to pull everything in instead of constantly needing to squeeze the attachment until you want to suck in the fur. We give it a 4 out of 5, we are happy to use it but feel it could be made even better!

Score: 4 paws out of 5


– very quick and easy to use
– allows you to vacuum the dog indoors with very little mess or excess fur floating around or getting on your furniture.


– would be nice if the attachment was not stuck to the wand. Instead it would be better and more agile if you could attach to a soft hose.
– give the attachment a lock so you can lock the brush teeth in the out position instead of having to keep clasping your hand the whole time you are vacuuming the dog.


  1. I wonder if it would work with other vacuums?
    What a good boy Nick is!


    February 16, 2011

  2. I’m not sure, you could probably do it but might have to tape it on haha! Nick is such a good boy. He does not mind the vacuum at all. Would not be able to do this with Maui!


    February 16, 2011

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