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2011-03-27 – Westpaw ZogoFlex Zisc 3 – Follow Up Review

2011-03-27 – Westpaw ZogoFlex Zisc 3 – Follow Up Review

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This the third short video review of the Zisc that I have made. It is still the most popular toy in our daycare yet it handles the punishment very well. It did tear in the center but we cut out the center area and since then the Zisc has been stretched, bit and pulled on hourly. It is a fantastic product for the price and we still give it 5 paws out of 5. Look forward to seeing other product reviews as I find the time in the near future. For more videos please visit

2011-03-27 – Westpaw ZogoFlex Zisc 3 – Follow Up Review

Barks and Recreation wants to show off the quality toys that we sell by putting them to the true test of a dog daycare that has on average 5-10 dogs for up to 12 hours each day. This is a true testing zone for quality, durability, and how popular the toys are for the average dog.

The Zogoflex Zisc is one of the favourites so here are a few clips of what the dogs do when they play with it. The Zisc made it through a huge amount of play and rough housing but it met it’s doom in the first week of February. We don’t mind though as it is a great toy for a low low price that will give a dog plenty of hours of fun and enjoyment.

The West Paw Zisc is a tough flying disc toy that will keep your dog happy, healthy and having fun. This toy is manufactured with an innovative process that makes it tough recyclable and non-toxic… a great addition to any doggie toy chest. The West Paw Zisc will fly fast and furious and your dog will love it – plus it floats! The West Paw Zisc is part of the Zogoflex line of toys which uses 100% recycled paper for packaging and uses a pliable tough material guaranteed to last against rough doggie playtime.

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