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Intro to Scent Games Workshop

Intro to Scent Games Workshop

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Scent games are a great, stimulating activity that any dog can do! It harnesses the dogs’ natural instincts, all dogs LOVE it, it’s easy to train, needs no expensive equipment and little space. A great brain exercise and wonderful activity to perform when the weather outside is less than pleasant.

Join us for our very first Into to Scent Games workshop and find out how fun this can be for you and your dog.

Great for senior and reactive dogs!

Cost $40. Location Barks and Recreation – 1396 Cedar Ave., Trail BC.

Dogs must be able to settle in a crate or x-pen. Please bring containment for your dog, blankets and sheets to cover them up (we will likely have a few reactive dogs) and lots of VERY HIGH VALUE soft food such as steak, chicken, hot dogs.

This is a great activity through the winter.

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