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New Product: JW Pet – ProTen Hol-ee Roller Ball

New Product: JW Pet – ProTen Hol-ee Roller Ball

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JW Pet ProTen Hol-ee Roller BallWith a tough, natural rubber outer casing and a small tennis ball inner core, this toy is great for small to medium sized dogs that like to chew at a moderate level. Available in a few different colours; green, red, or blue with the yellow tennis ball inside, these balls are a fun, interactive toy with a good weight for a fun game of fetch as well.

Available two sizes:
Mini – Diameter of 5.5cm
Small – Diameter of 9cm


More about JW Pet:

At JW Pet we are the passionate thinkers of the pet industry. We pride ourselves on our innovations and our ingenious thinking. And all of that thinking is designed to improve the lives of pets and pet parents. When we started JW Pet in 1998 we dedicated ourselves to find new ways and new ideas to help pets.
At JW Pet, our ideas are 100% home-grown. We do our own inventing, designing and creating within the four walls of our facility in Arlington, TX. We wouldn’t think of out-sourcing ideas, adding someone else’s or combining our ideas with someone else’s. We pride ourselves on being self-sustaining, self-grown and self-guided. Today we hold over 125 patents for the pet-focused ideas we have brought to life.
At JW Pet we don’t just think about pet products, we live with pets in our offices every day. Visitors shouldn’t be, but are surprised to find the halls of our offices lined with fish tanks, as well as a pet pavilion stocked with birds, fish and hamsters.
We donate regularly to various local animal shelters as well as support a number of national animal assistance programs. We donate product to adoption events across the country and we also contribute yearly to the IAADP, International Association of Assistance Dog Partners.
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