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New Product: Kurgo’s Wander Collar with Bottle Opener

New Product: Kurgo’s Wander Collar with Bottle Opener

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Kurgo Wander Dog Collar

Walk yer dag, drink yer bevvie!

Summer is here and there is no better way to celebrate it than walking your dog on a warm summer evening at the lake. Could this moment with your best friend be any better? Of course it can! Add your favorite bottled beverage to the mix and you are living the summer life. Oh wait, you left your bottle opener back at the cabin. How can you possibly open your refreshing beverage now? With the Kurgo Wander Collar with Bottle Opener your dog becomes very own personal bartender anywhere you two decide to wander.

More details:

Wander anywhere with our Kurgo Wander Collar and its unique twist of utility.

The new Kurgo Wander Collar combines stylish simplicity with strength and durability. As the one item your pup wears everyday you want it to convey a sense of style, but you also want a reliable, comfortable product as well. The Kurgo Wander Collar offers just that with its double lined, fully adjustable collar, adorned with a stamped steel dog-tag and leash ring and Kurgo stamped steel slide. The Kurgo Wander Collar is now available in all of Kurgo’s signature colors and can easily be paired with a matching Kurgo Wander Leash.

  • Custom Stamped steel slides and bottle opener/ID tag holder
  • Decorated with grosgrain ribbon overlay
  • Nylon webbing
  • UTX – Wienerlock Buckle
  • Machine Washable
  • Matches Kurgo leashes and harnesses

You will find assorted sizes and styles at

Barks and Recreation today.

$11.99 – $14.99 each


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