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Dog Training & Behaviour Rehabiliation


Do you love your dog, but they’re driving you crazy? Would you like a dog who is calmer, polite, and who listens – a dog you can be proud of? Have you tried everything and are feeling at the end of your leash?

We can help! We offer a range of flexible programs for every need and budget. Our techniques are gentle, common sense, and we get results. Whether you would like to do the bulk of the training yourself, or have a professional teach your dog for you, we can help you get that relationship you’ve always wanted. We focus our training programs on teaching skills in the real world where you need them not just in a class room.

Imagine a dog who greets guests calmly, walks nicely by your side, stays when asked, and comes when you call him. A dog who is a joy to bring out in public and who you can include more in your daily life. Whether you have just adopted a new pet and want to start them off on the right path, or you have concerns about behaviour problems with an existing furry family member, we have something for you. All of our training focuses on teaching your dog self control and developing a great bond based on trust and respect between you and your pet.

We offer group classes or private coaching (at our location, in home, or via Skype) to help you reach your goals. We can help you love your dog (again)!



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What a relief to have a great dog trainer in the area! She is calm and kind and reads dogs extremely well. She is teaching us to work with our dog in an easy effortless way. Not only does my dog love her but so do we! I highly recommend Sarah for ANY issues you may have with your pets..She has yet to even touch my dog but is allowing us to learn alongside him and we will all have better and happier lives cause of her help!