1208 Pine Ave.

Trail, BC

PH: 250-521-2275


Home School

Home School

Home School

Ideal for the busy dog owner, our home school program brings the trainer to you while you are away at work. Our trainer will visit your house and work with your dog on behaviour problems, obedience, or whatever you require. We will provide updates and progress reports, and meet on a regular basis to ensure you are able to maintain the work. This program is ideal for behaviours which are specific to the home or immediate area, puppy training, fearful dogs, aggression, or reactivity. It is an excellent supplement to private or group lessons.

The most bang for your buck – our pro trainers do all the hard work and you just have to maintain it.


$40-$60 per session within Trail*

*Please contact us for pricing outside of the Trail Area. Travel is extra. 


Day Training at Barks and Rec: $45 with a half day of care, $55 with a full day of care. Dogs must be evaluated by the trainer to determine if Home School at Barks is the right choice for their training needs.

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