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Play & Train

Play & Train


If your dog is approved to attend our daycare, our certified trainer can work one on one with them while they’re here to play with their friends! We can work on obedience, behaviour training, or even tricks if you want.  You must be a current daycare client, and your dog must be booked to attend daycare on the day of your training session. The trainer will work with your dog for one or two half hour sessions during the day and will send you home with progress reports and a program to follow at home. The cost for Play & Train is $15-$4- plus your day of daycare.


Obedience Training

Our trainers can teach your dog their basic skills whether they are an absolutely beginner or just need fine-tuning to work under distractions. Whatever skills you would like to teach your dog, we can work on while he is here in daycare. Sit, down, settle on a mat, leave it, stay, come, or polite leash walking – whatever you like! We can train your dog from the beginning or just brush up on a certain skill or two, you decide.


Behaviour Training

Does your dog have problems with barking, jumping up, or self control? Or, do you just want to work on crate training or having your dog comfortable with having his nails trimmed? Our trainer can help, and fill you in on the progress so you can stay consistent and keep up with your dog is learning. This service is not applicable for dogs with aggression or some reactivity problems. Our trainer will perform an evaluation on your dog to determine a suitable training program for behaviour issues.



If you would love to teach your dog a few fun tricks the trainer can do it while your dog is here to play, and you can take all the credit!


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