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Pet Grooming

Pet Grooming

Barks and Recreation has a great new groomer, Brenda. Our new groomer provides full groom services, a bath services, nail trims, and cat grooming or you can come in and use our facility to bath your dog using all of our supplies and equipment. View the service that best fits you below and book an appointment below today.

Our Groomer, Brenda

Grooming Services

Full Service Groom

Our groomer gives your dog a bath, the haircut of your choice, ears cleaned and plucked if necessary, bum/pee/groin area shaved, and your dog is dried before pickup. (1.5-2.5 hours)

Pricing starts at $35.00 + GST

Quick Bath Service

Our groomer gives your dog a bath and trims their nails. Your dog will be picked up mostly dry.
(30-45 minutes)

Prices start at $20.00 +GST

UBath Service

YOU get to use our large, professional grooming tub, high quality, safe shampoos, brushes, towels, and a high force quick dryer. We clean up! (30-45 minutes)

Pricing starts at $12.00 GST included

Nail Trim Service

No appointment necessary, please call to check that our groomer is in store.

Price is $10.00 + GST

Cat Shave

If your cat is suffering from large mats that are too tough to brush out, this service is a quick shave (lion cut) that lets your kitty start over with his grooming upkeep. (30-40 minutes)

Price is $35.00 + GST

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