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Group Classes

Group Class Descriptions


Outdoor Adventures Pack Walks


All of our group classes are $25 drop, 10 class/12 week pass for $200, or $999 for 1 year unlimited – unless otherwise stated.

Family Dog Foundation

The essential skills for a well behaved family pet, packed into one convenient, fun class. Imagine a pet who walks nicely on the leash, comes when called, and you can take anywhere without worrying about embarrassing behaviours. This class teaches the skills indoors where distractions are moderate.

4 weeks – $139 a la carte or get a 10 punch all class pass for $200 – Drop in not available.

New rounds starting November 17th and 26th!


Outdoor Adventures

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One of our most popular classes! Each week we will visit one of the beautiful area hiking trails, parks, local businesses, or explore downtown. The dogs will enjoy off leash socialization, exercise, and obedience training. This class is a great way to get your dog out having fun and practice coming when called under the highest real life distractions.

Prerequisites: Family Dog Foundations or Instructor Permission with Evaluation



Puppy Preschool – Play, Learn, Explore!

For puppies 10 weeks to 6 months. Tired of puppy chewing everything up, piddling in the house, and nipping you and the kids? This class includes training and support geared especially towards common puppy problems. We also ensure to include off leash play and socialization to ensure your puppy grows up friendly and confident. Everything is fully sanitized with hospital grade cleaner before class to ensure a safe environment.

Wednesday at 7:30

Requirements: 2 sets of vaccines. 


After School Special

After School Special is a different class each week. It rotates between Circus Dog (tricks and fun), Play Group, and Focus and Control class. Attend any and all you like! 

Tuesdays at 6:15 – $10 each, free for training and daycare pass holders.


Doggy Detectives – Scent Games

One of our most popular classes. The focus of this class is teaching the dogs to use their natural scenting ability to seek out hidden food and eventually they can learn to track, find and alert to specific odours. The same type of training is used for narcotics detection, bomb detection, and even to sniff out certain types of cancer! It’s very fun to train and they all love it. Old, young, shy or outgoing dog can do it! It’s great mental stimulation and a wonderful activity when you cannot do a long walk or you are stuck inside because of the cold!


Zen Dog – Meditation for Human and Canine

You’ve never seen anything like this! This class features relaxation and guided meditation for human and canine. We’ve seen the benefits our “meditation” training has done for dogs, we want to help the human half of the team experience this too. Relaxation, self control, and brain games are the focus of this class.


Leash Lungers Anonymous 

Does your dog turn into a Tazmanian Devil on a lead? Barking, lunging, and acting aggressive? Our unique, popular training program geared specifically to this common, frustrating issue gets results. See for yourself:





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