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All of our group classes are $30 drop in  or 8 class/3 month pass for $200, unless otherwise stated.

NEW- You can purchase your option below, or pay in store. You can now sign up online for the classes you want to attend with the link provided in the description, or you can also sign up in store, by email, filling out the contact form below, or calling 250-521-2275.

Training Payment Options

What Makes Our Classes Different?

  • Unique Foundations program’s streamlined curriculum is highly effective.
  • Easy, gentle and effective training methods.
  • Small classes so you get more one on one attention.
  • Practice training in real life situations, not just indoors.
  • Three certified trainers.
  • Specialized puppy classes to bring out the best in your new companion.
  • Training for all ages and all needs!
  • Obedience from basic to advanced off leash.
  • Just for fun classes and workshops to get out and do something cool with the your canine friend.
  • Training materials included with programs.

Puppy Kindergarten – Play, Learn, Explore!

For puppies 10 weeks to 6 months. Tired of puppy chewing everything up, piddling in the house, and nipping you and the kids? This class includes training and support geared especially towards common puppy problems. We also ensure to include off leash play and socialization to ensure your puppy grows up friendly and confident. Everything is fully sanitized with hospital grade cleaner before class to ensure a safe environment.

Wednesday at 7:30 – please SIGN UP HERE

Pre-pay at top of page or pay when you attend.

Requirements: 2 sets of vaccines. 


Foundations – Elementary & High School

The essential skills for a well behaved family pet, packed into one convenient, fun class. Imagine a pet who walks nicely on the leash, comes when called, and you can take anywhere without worrying about embarrassing behaviours. This class teaches the skills indoors where distractions are moderate and then outdoor real life practice.

4 weeks  $120 or buy an 8 class pass for $200 – Next start dates: Monday March 2nd, Wednesday March 18th and Wednesday April 8thth @ 6:15pm – SIGN UP HERE


University – Advanced Obedience

Take what you learned in Foundations and build towards off leash obedience, in real life situations where you really need it. Work up to obtaining APDT C.L.A.S.S. BA, MA, and Ph.D titles. Open to Foundations graduates or with instructor permission.

Drop in when available – please check the calendar for dates/times and SIGN UP HERE

Pre-pay at top of page or pay when you attend.



Doggy Detectives – Scent Games

One of our most popular classes. The focus of this class is teaching the dogs to use their natural scenting ability to seek out hidden food and eventually they can learn to track, find and alert to specific odours. The same type of training is used for narcotics detection, bomb detection, and even to sniff out certain types of cancer! It’s very fun to train and they all love it. Old, young, shy or outgoing dog can do it! It’s great mental stimulation and a wonderful activity when you cannot do a long walk or you are stuck inside because of the cold!

Saturdays at 1pm – please SIGN UP HERE

$30 per class or buy an 8 class pass good for ALL our group classes for $200.

Pre-pay at top of page or pay when you attend.


New for 2015:

“Outdoor Adventures” Pack Walks

Open to all approved training students or approved dogs, and all our daycare clients. Join us on a group socialization walk. Great opportunity to get some fresh air, exercises for you and your dog, socialization and practice training if you like.  Be sure to check the calendar (and log in) and watch the Facebook page as these only run when we have time in the schedule. Pay what you want, a portion will be donated to the Trail BC SPCA.


Saturday Socials

Open to all dogs 35lbs and under. 30 minute indoor supervised play group for puppies and small dogs. Be sure to check the calendar (and log in), and watch the Facebook page as these only run when we have time in the schedule. Pay what you want, a portion will be donated to the Trail BC SPCA.


Field Trips & Workshops

Keep watching for announcements for special “refresher” field trip one-time classes and fun workshops in the New Year!







 Questions? Not sure which class is right for you? Drop us a line!

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