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Surviving Puppyhood – Play, Learn, Explore!

That cute little puppy got you chasing your tail? We’ll help you survive (and enjoy) puppyhood and help you grow your pup into the well-behaved adult companion you look forward to.

We’ll cover:

basic obedience to get your pup focused and following your direction

problem solving to make short work of house training, stop puppy from using you and-and your furniture- as chew toys

problem prevention to ensure your pup grows into an adult dog you can truly enjoy – friendly, relaxed, well-behaved, and fun.

Trail: @ Barks and Recreation – 1208 Pine Ave – Downtown Trail: Wednesday at 6pm – Start Anytime! For Puppies up to 5 months old.


$90 for 6 Weeks – or $20 each

Requirements: 2 sets of vaccines or vet’s permission and one set.

 PSX_20141029_190747Your Well-Mannered Dog

Summer Program – Drop In classes every Wednesday at 6:45pm. 

Love your dog, but they’re driving you crazy? We’ll help you transform your dog into the well-behaved companion you look forward to. Enjoy your well-mannered dog!

We’ll cover:

Attention to get your dog focused and following your direction

Loose Leash Walking so you can confidently walk your dog everywhere you go

Stay & Stay on Bed to keep your dog from bolting out doors, harassing guests to your home, and bugging you while you cook

Recall so your dog will come back to you when you need him to, even around distractions


Trail: @ Barks and Recreation – 1208 Pine Ave – Downtown Trail: Wednesday at 6:45 pm

Call 250-521-2275

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Walk This Way

Taking a walk around town with your dog doesn’t have to be a push me- pull you of frustration! Whether you have a puller, or a staller, work out the kinks on your leash walks and have a pooch you can be proud to bring out in public. 

This class will focus on fun training games that teach your dog the rules of the road and the real world.

You’ll learn the secret to:

– Increase their focus on you vs. what’s up ahead.

– Build impulse control muscles to help resist distractions like garbage or other dogs.

– A dog who chooses to walk by your side instead of pulling you to the chiropractor.

 How to get your dog to come when called even around distractions

– Getting your dog to stay where you need them to when you need them to

Open to Your Well-Mannered Dog graduates or with instructor permission.

Doggy Detectives Scent Games

Have a hyper hound or dog who needs a job? Canine Scent Games are a fun way to drain your pup’s excess energy. It’s easy, you can play at home, and any dog of any age can do it! Dogs love it!

Please call if interested
4 weeks for $100
@ Barks and Recreation – 1208 Pine Ave – Downtown Trail






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