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Pet Portrait Painting – Shanna

Pet Portrait Painting – Shanna

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16 x 20 Acrylic on Canvas
Days taken to complete: 20 days
Hours of work to finish: 14 hours


Shanna is one of our awesome repeat daycare dogs, she has been coming to our daycare consistently for a couple of years. Shanna is a very sweet, happy girl who gets along with all of the other dogs (and the staff and customers that visit our daycare. I was asked to paint her a few months ago. Shanna’s owner and I searched through all the photos we had at the time of her but we couldn’t find the right photo to use for the painting. I decided to take Shanna out on her own one day with my camera to see if I could capture a better image of her and I managed to come up with this wonderful shot:

From this image I had to use Photoshop to straighten the background and rework the non-existent grass to something a little greener and happier. Below is a photo of the final work once completed and framed.

I also created a short video showing me painting Shanna in less than two minutes even though it took me a total of 14 hours of painting over 20 days during the last four months. Watch the magic below:

If you are interested in a Pet Portrait Painting feel free to contact me, I am running an 10-12 week wait on any new orders. Check here for pricing:

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