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Cat Supplies: Rainforest Cedar & Moss Cat Litter

Cat Supplies: Rainforest Cedar & Moss Cat Litter

By on Dec 7, 2010 in Products | 2 comments

I have to say this is absolutely the best cat litter I have ever used. I’ve tried several kinds of clay, corn, newspaper, and pine, and this tops them all. It works the best, lasts the longest, and is really affordable.

It’s made in BC from what would be thrown away, and is totally organic and flushable. No artificial perfumes or chemicals, just lovely natural cedar scent which is incredibly good at masking litter box odors! It’s also very lightweight, dust free, and low tracking.

Very easy to use, just put 1-2 inches in the box. Every day or every few days scoop out the solid waste and flush down the toilet. At the same time, add a small amount of fresh litter and mix into the old stuff. If you start to notice any urine smell, it’s time to dump and add fresh litter. A ratio of one box per cat plus one extra is recommended with any type of litter you use.


  1. Hi! Thanks for the review! I saw this at Bosleys today and was intrigued by it. I’ve read elsewhere that this isn’t clumping though, and the idea of letting urine accumulate until the litter box smells like urine isn’t very reassuring in terms of hygiene (not to mention dumping large quantities of litter out). Do you still use this litter?


    April 26, 2014

    • We have actually since switched to World’s Best Cat Litter based largely on it’s great clumping ability and flush-ability. We specifically have really enjoyed the Lavender scented variety but have also heard from some customers that they found the smell to be too powerful. Our opinion is that it is semi-strong when the bag is first opened but it is a nice smell once scooped and the smell dissipates somewhat. The World’s Best Cat Litter has always lasted us 1.5 – 2x’s the length of time of the average clay litter and lasts longer than the Cedar Chip litter mentioned in this article as well.


      May 1, 2014

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