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Dog Grooming

We currently employ two groomers that can groom in a range of styles and are capable of grooming small, medium, or large dogs as well as cats. We like to provide a low stress environment for your pet by setting up a minimal amount of overlap from one groom to the next. The typical grooming appointment will take roughly two hours from start to finish so you may drop off your pet and within the next hour or so our groomers will give you a quick call to tell you that they will be finished soon and you can come back and pick up your pooch/kitty without them having to sit in a kennel for a very long time.

We offer a Full Groom Service (2 hours or more), a Quick Bath Service (Bath and Nails, about 30 minutes), and we also offer a Ubath Service (you get to use our large tub, shampoos, brushes, towels, and dryer).

Pricing can be found below.

 Please contact Kolina to schedule @ 250-921-4018.



Grooming Pricing


Full Service Includes:

A bath, nails trimmed, bum, pee and groin get shaved, ears cleaned, your dog gets blow dried, then given haircut of customers choice.

 Dogs under 10 lbs.


 Dogs 11 – 20 lbs.


 Dogs 21 – 40 lbs.


 Dogs 41 – 55 lbs.

 Dogs 56+ lbs. *Prices vary dependent on weight  $75.00+
(no appointment, call us to ensure our groomer is at the store)
Cats  $30.00

Quick Bath Service Includes:

Bath, quick dry + nails 

 Small Dogs (up to 20lbs)


 Medium Dogs (21-40lbs)


 Large Dogs (41lbs+)


U-Bath Service:

 We provide the tub, water, shampoos, brushes, towels, and blow dryer, you provide the dog.
This service is available during retail store hours but please call first as our groomer
needs use of the tub from time to time during the day.

 Small Dogs (up to 20lbs)


 Medium Dogs (21-40lbs)

Large Dogs (41lbs+)  $25


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