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You may be finding yourself home with your pets more these days, and while your furry friends likely love this new way of life, they may be making it difficult to get much done! Your dog may be so excited to have you home that they’re constantly bugging you for attention or trying to get you to play with them. If you’ve got a pestering pooch, try some of these tips to keep your dog happy, busy, and out of your hair- so you can get to work.

Feed Meals with Puzzle Toys

Tossing your dog’s regular meals into a puzzle toy doesn’t take much more time than prepping in a bowl, and it’s a great way to build in some brain exercise every day for your dog and keep them busy for a little bit. There are many commercially available puzzle toys and bowls that are great for meal feeding. The key is to purchase a few and rotate them, as novelty is important for mental stimulation.

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Kongs are a Dog’s Best Friend

A Kong (or several) is a must have for every dog owner! The Kong is a re-usable, stuffable food toy. You can fill them with everything from plain kibble, to pre-made Kong filler spray, to raw or freeze-dried raw food, to treats like yogurt and peanut butter.

The Kong is hollow and bee-hive shaped, so it takes your dog time to work through the filling, and is made from durable hard rubber.

You can definitely use Kong stuffing for your regular meals, starting with plain kibble and increasing the difficulty by adding in soft food, and then freezing.

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Kongs are extremely versatile stuffable food toys. Stuff with kibble, Kong Easy Treat spray, canned food, treats or a mix. Serve fresh or frozen for increased challenge.

Dogs Gotta Chew!

One thing is for sure that dogs love to chew! Chew toys and treats can be a great way to stimulate your dog and keep them occupied.

Each dog has preferences for what they prefer, and some dogs are harder chewers than others. I’ve organized some suggestions for everything from the ultra heavy duty chewers that blaze through a bully stick in 5 seconds, to the dainty chewers that savour their treats.

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Extra Heavy Chewers

Nylabone makes a wide selection of long-lasting chew products suitable for puppies,
moderate/hard chewers and extra-heavy chewers. Healthy edibles are better suited for moderate chewers.
For extra-heavy chewers we recommend buffalo horns, antlers, hooves (warning – they stink!),
as well as dried, stuffed or raw bones.

Heavy Chewers

For heavy chewers we recommend bull tails, Himalayan chews, dried trachea,
heavyweight or supreme bully sticks and bully braids.

Moderate Chewer

For a moderate chewer, try regular bully sticks, small bull tails, chomper braids, or stuffed chompers.
Vetgies are a rawhide alternative that are excellent for light to moderate chewers.

Light Chewers

There are lots of options for light chewers. Vetgies, Greenies and similar dental chews, buffalo ears, flattended chompers, chomper sticks, and Whimzeez are all worth trying out.

Other Ideas

You may also try some simple training to burn off some energy. Mental stimulation is just as important to tire a dog out as physical. Practice basic obedience or tricks to tire your dog out. Finding in person training classes may be an impossible feat right now, but many businesses (including ours) are offering online classes and lessons. E-mail us if you’re interested in online training options!

Dog daycare may or may not be operating in your area right now, but play time with buddies is a great options if daycare is available for you or dog hiking services.

I hope these tips and tricks help you to keep your dog from driving you crazy! Hopefully things get back to normal sooner rather than later, but even when that is the case these can still be helpful ideas to keep your dog happy and stimulated.