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As our business grows we have decided to offer a few new exciting services! Read below for more info and if you have any questions feel free to email us at or call us at 250-521-BARK (2275).



We will be offering in-home boarding services for our valued daycare clients. This means if you need to go away, you can have your dog stay with us. They get to play in daycare every day with their friends, and then come home with us in the evening to wind down and sleep in the bedroom with us. What could be better than that? Your dog will also get a vacation! This is a very low stress boarding option for your pet since they are in an environment they are already comfortable in, and with people they know, love, and trust! This service is available for long term, regular daycare clients only. If you are not sure if dog would be eligible, just ask! We need to know the dogs well enough to be comfortable taking them home and also we need to know they are going to not be stressed staying with us and in the daycare. We also ask that they are crate trained and cat safe. Book early as we fill up quickly and have limited space! Cost of overnights is $15 per night on top of daycare costs for the first few stays, and $10 per night on top of daycare once your dog has bunked with us a few times. We do offer discounts for long-term visits.


Daycare n’ Train

Yes! That’s right, your dog can come to daycare and get training lessons at the same time! Then our certified trainer will keep you updated on their progress and fill you in on how to maintain their newly learned behaviours. We can work on basic obedience, leash walking skills, certain behaviour problems, and even tricks to show off to your friends if you like. Must be booked at time of daycare booking and may not be available every day. We only use dog friendly humane training methods. Cost is Daycare plus $20.


Board n’ Train

If your dog is going to be vacationing with us or you want him to receive intensive training we also offer board and train services. We will train your pet while he visits with us with only humane, pain-free methods. Then when you get home we will show you how to maintain what they’ve learned. Please contact us for pricing.