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Pawscout Social GPS Pet Tracker Tag

An Introduction to the Pawscout Brand

Pawscout believes that with proper design, technology and sense of community, they can eliminate the heartbreak of losing a pet. They stand out to me because of their passion for owners and pets. They really do care about the owner pet relationship dynamic. They also have a very interactive mobile application with so many added features.

They made a very affordable pet tracker that comes in many designs and colors; making it possible for every owner to be able to buy one. You can also choose to have a custom engraved face plate added with your pet’s name and your information. For less than thirty dollars, you can own a Pawscout, and for an additional fifteen dollars, you can have the personalized faceplate as well.

Pawscout Petfinder Review: GPS Tracker

The Pawscout is a lightweight and affordable pet tracker that works for cats and dogs of all sizes. It uses Bluetooth technology and will locate your pet within a two hundred foot radius. There is no monthly fee for the Pawscout service, you just have to buy the tracker. To use the tracker you have to download the free mobile app. The mobile application is very interactive and has a lot of useful features.


The tracker uses Bluetooth in order to determine your pet’s location. It is waterproof and lightweight, making it comfortable for your pet to wear. The battery is a simple watch battery that you can easily replace. Battery life typically lasts about twelve months. You can find your pet as long as they are within a two hundred foot radius. There is no monthly service fee for this tracker.

The mobile application that you download with the tracker has a lot of features. You can make a very detailed profile of your pet. You can also set a virtual leash, so that if your pet goes farther than the leash allows, you will receive an alert.

You can let neighbors, family, friends and pet sitters also download the application; if your pet is within a two hundred foot radius of them, you will receive an alert. Another feature is the lost pet flyer, it sends out an alert to all Pawscout users in your area to keep an eye out for your pet. With your detailed pet profile, whoever finds your pet will know if they are on any medications or have any allergies.

  • Detailed pet profile
  • Virtual leash
  • Lost pet flyer
  • Track your pet easily
  • Mobile application with helpful features
  • Use other Pawscout members to help you find your pet
  • No monthly fees

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