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Quinoa Cafe Dog Treats New at Barks and Recreation!

We are featuring locally made dog treats made with Quinoa – they are getting a great response from the dogs and people looking for a healthy, high quality treat.

What is Quinoa?

Quinoa is an ancient grain-like crop that has been an important food source in South America for over 6000 years! The Incas who considered there Quinoa crops sacred, referred to it as “The mother of all grains” – it is not a true grain but part of the same plant family as beets and spinach.

Why Quinoa as a base for dog treats?

Quinoa is Gluten-free – If your dog has a wheat/corn/soy allergy or you want to provide your dog with treats that are also high in nutrients Quinoa is a great alternative.

Quinoa is High in Protein – Dogs need a fair amount of protein in their diets. The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization states that Quinoa is: “closer to the ideal protein balance than any other common grain.” – Why should dog treats be made with “filler” grains when they can be an important part of a healthy diet?

Quinoa is a Nutritional Powerhouse – . Quinoa has higher levels of phosphorous, calcium, iron, fiber, B-vitamins, vitamin E and energy than barley, oats, rice, corn or what. Quinoa dog treats don’t just taste great to your dog you are providing health too!

Quinoa contains many essential Amino Acids – Unlike Wheat, Quinoa has high amounts of Lysine, an amino acid that is required for proper calcium absorption, bone growth and formation of collagen which makes up cartilage and connective tissue. Adequate levels of Lysin in the body also assists in controlling fatigue, hypoglycemia, depression,nausea, anemia, and separation anxiety.

Quinoa also contains Methionine and Cysteine – two important amino acids and anti-oxidants. Methionine is important for preventing fat build up in the liver, genetic/metabolic diseases, assists in hair growth and is a neutralizer of toxins.

Cysteine helps prevent hardening of the arteries, arthritis, cancer, metal toxicity, diabetes, cataracts and skin problems as well as promotes wound healing and stimulates the immune system.

Quinoa is Easily Digested – Besides being packed full of nutrients Quinoa is easily digested so those nutrients can be absorbed and used. Quinoa is a good substitute for dogs with food allergies or those with health issues or delicate digestive systems. They are great for regular dogs too, especially if your dog is eating a diet based on wheat/corn/soy.

About Quinoa Cafe

The idea for Quinoa based dog treats came about when I was trying to find an alternative dog treat my dog Shiloh would enjoy. I don’t like artificial dyes and colors and flavors, so when I turned over the package of treats I was appalled!

I sought out “Gourmet” Dog treats and as I did more research realized they were still Wheat based dough and while better then mass-produced commercial dog treats, they still had ingredients that seemed to be included more for the benefits of humans then their dogs. Just because ingredients are labeled “Natural” and “Human Grade” doesn’t mean they should be eaten by your dog!

I began the search for a homemade treat and the more research I did the more unsettled. I was reading recipes by people who obviously love their dogs and only want the best for them but include ingredients that are not safe and can lead to all sorts of health problems.

I started researching and recipe testing and came up with a dog treat recipe based on Quinoa that only includes ingredients that have been well researched and deemed safe for dogs.

What Makes Quinoa Cafe Dog Treats Different?

Quinoa Cafe dog treats are made by hand in small batches. While all ingredients are “Human Grade” They are also extensively researched to make sure they are safe and beneficial to your dog. Each batch is tested by Shiloh, our in-house treat tester.

Quinoa Cafe Dog treats can easily be broken into two or three treats or more!

What sets Quinoa Cafe treats apart is what is NOT in them.


We are always developing new taste combinations. Does your dog have a favorite treat flavor? Mention it at Barks and Recreation in Trail and we will start experimenting!