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My parents have two cats. Two incredibly finicky cats. One in particular, known fittingly as “Princess Mya” is an absolutely gorgeous ragdoll mix with a huge attitude. She can be downright evil. The other, simply known as Toby, is a standard mixed breed short hair, who is possibly a little bit inbred and just a little bit off. Toby is not so much the picky one, but Mya wakes my parents up every morning harassing them until the submit and feed her either canned food or preferably tuna. Toby has been dragged into this bad habit and now both regularly turn their nose up at the sight of dry food and pursue harassment for the coveted canned food, or even better, tuna.

My parents currently feed Kirkland cat food. It’s definitely a decent food especially for the price. However, Mya sheds probably as much as one of my huskies. The amount of fur that comes off of this cat is simply unbelievable. My mom expressed she would like to possibly try a higher quality food in the hopes that Mya would shed less, and also to find something the cats enjoyed eating more to possibly break the morning canned food harassment ritual.

I gave my mom some samples of the FirstMate Fish and Potato with Blueberries and Acana Wild Prairie Grain Free. Both foods are pretty equal quality-wise in my mind, and I wasn’t sure how the cats would react. Quite frankly, I imagined both foods would be received with little more excitement than standard crunchies.

The result? Pretty surprising! My parents told me when presented with the FirstMate sample, the cats went crazy. They literally fought each other over it. The Acana? Surprisingly, the cats showed no interest in the Acana dry formula. I don’t know what it is in the FirstMate food but the cats loved it. My mom is now hooked in the hopes they can decrease or replace the canned food with the FirstMate, and also that there will soon be less cat hair in their household.

Want to try some samples with your pet? We have many available. Come in once we are open and see what your dog or cat prefers! Our opening will be officially announced soon, but we are expecting as early as one week.

Sarah Fulcher, CDT
Owner and Head Trainer
Barks and Recreation Pet Services