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Dog Daycare

Dog Daycare

To a dog owner, daycare service can be the answer to many problems. If you work long days, and feel guilty about leaving your pet at home or they are destructive or anxious when left alone, they can instead spend the day with the next best thing to you – their favorite four-legged and two-legged best friends! An added bonus is bringing home a tired, satisfied pup, instead of coming home to a ball of energy when you yourself are lacking it. Other benefits to daycare include socialization (great for shy dogs or dogs who don’t know how to play) and basic training.

Dog Training & Behaviour Rehabiliation

Dog Training & Behaviour Rehabiliation

Do you love your dog but they’re driving you crazy?

Do you want a dog who is calmer, polite, and listens – a dog you can be proud of?

Have you tried everything and are at the end of your leash?

We can help! We offer a full range of unique, flexible, convenient programs. Our techniques are gentle, common sense and we get results – guaranteed! Together we can help you reach your dog’s full potential.

Love your dog (again)!

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